About Keysteps Online

Keysteps Online is a service providing high quality CPD/ CE for veterinary surgeons and veterinary nurses in video format. Now in its 6th year, Keysteps Online is run by CPD Solutions, leaders in the provision of veterinary continuing education in the UK. You can see our main website here, with details of attendance courses, CDs and DVDs: www.cpd-solutions.com

 Each Keysteps Online programme features a video by a veterinary specialist on a topic essential for first opinion practice. There are study notes to read, links to relevant articles and further reading, and a self-assessment quiz to test your learning. Once you've completed all of the programme elements, you've done an hour of CPD/ CE. One of the main benefits of using Keysteps Online is that your access as a subscriber is unlimited and you can return to programmes and watch them again whenever you have a challenging patient.

 In the vet's section, there are also surgical reference videos. These have been edited to provide only the key areas of the surgical procedure and possible complications and how to avoid them. You can watch the video in a few minutes before performing a procedure for the first time, or refresh your memory when you haven't done one for a while.

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  • Take control of your time- it's up to you when you study as your access is unlimited
  • Get practical help with your patients as and when you need it
  • Decrease your stress levels by cutting out travel to courses and rota complications
  • Save money: Keysteps Online is likely to cost you about the same as 1 or 2 days' attendance courses and there are no travelling, accommodation or locum requirements
  • Keep track of what you've done- all of your CPD/ CE is recorded automatically

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