5 Key Questions

Five Key Questions

Vets and nurses considering subscribing to Keysteps Online ask us the same five questions on a very frequent basis. So here are the answers for you!

Q1: Is Keysteps Online Easy to Use?

Answer: Yes!

Of course we would think so, but we thought you might prefer to hear from current subscribers so we asked them in a recent survey. They agreed that Keysteps Online is easy to use (well, 97.6% of them anyway).

Q2: Will I get good support from you if I have any challenges?

Answer: Yes!

Again, I suppose we would say that wouldn't we? So we asked this question of our current subscribers as well. Here's what they said when asked to rate the customer service that they'd received from us here at CPD Solutions:-

100% of respondents said that the customer service they'd received was Excellent, Very Good or Good.

Q3: Do I get unlimited access to the programme when I subscribe?

Answer: Yes!

Once you've subscribed to Keysteps Online, your access is unlimited. You can log on from anywhere where you have a broadband internet connection and watch video programmes as many times as you like. There are currently over 100 hours of CPD/ CE on the veterinary surgeons' site and over 30 hours of CPD/ CE on the veterinary nurses' site.

Q4: Is Keysteps Online compatible with my computer?

Answer: Yes!

Keysteps Online is now compatible with numerous browsers including Internet Explorer, Firefox, Chrome and Safari. You can also access Keysteps Online on your tablet pc or mobile device. Please contact us if you have any challenges at all.

Q5: Do I need broadband to watch the videos?

Answer: Yes!

To watch most videos online you need a broadband internet connection. If you can generally watch videos online at the moment with your current connection, you should be fine with the Keysteps Online videos. That's one great reason to take your FREE Trial to make sure everything runs smoothly!

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Last modified: Monday, 11 May 2015, 10:08 AM