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Q: How does Keysteps Online Help you with your Patients?


  • 'First thyroidectomy very successful thanks to the video and tips.'
    Elizabeth T, Derbyshire
  • 'Section on status epilecticus-had a dog that would not stop seizuring until I used the protocol given. Also gave me the information I needed to give a clear account to the owners.'
    Alison L, Chichester
  • 'A dog with a descemetocele would have lost its eye if I hadn't gained the confidence to perform a pedicle graft through a Keysteps Online programme.'
    David T, Preston
  • 'I performed a superficial caudal epigastric skin flap on a dog who had tried to jump a barbed wire fence causing a massive skin deficit in her groin. I would not have been confident to do this without the video on Keysteps online which shows step by step how to do this technique and explains complications that can occur. I don't think I would have had a successful outcome without the knowledge that Keysteps gave me.'
    Lara M, Garstang
  • 'Have used information from your PSS topic to help with a kitten with a shunt and neurological / fitting info for several epileptic / neurological patients. The best bit is being able to return to it when you like.'
    Sharon E, Rotherham
  • 'Found the CPD on osteosarcsoma particularly useful when discussing with owners about survival rates'
    Stephanie B, Chobham
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Q: Does Using Keysteps Online help you to balance your life?


  • 'It allows me to perform a significant of my yearly CPD obligation without having to spend time away from my young family.'
    Simon F, London
  • 'I find having whole days away doing CPD very difficult to manage with young children. Now I do CPD when it suits me in smaller units.'
    Jennifer O, Bucks
  • 'Access from anywhere anytime, and from a very reliable service.'
    Emmanouil V, Beds
  • 'Saves days off away from busy business to fulfil CPD requirement.'
    Craig M, Penkridge, Staffs
  • 'Can complete CPD at work -no need for long days travelling by train, or giving up evenings.'
    Peter H, Ely
  • 'Being able to access programmes at anytime is a great advantage. Saves on petrol too!'
    Allisdhair M, Cheshire
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Q: Do you find Keysteps Online Good Value for Money?


  • 'It contains a lot of expertise and information and when compared to attendance CPD courses it is better value for money.'
    Kate B, Birmingham
  • 'Right time. Right place. Save money and time (no trips); very useful way to learn.'
    Edmondo P, Northampton
  • 'For the amount of learning available, it represents excellent value for money.'
    Katharine W, Birmingham
  • 'Excellent range of topics covered, each lecture provides compact review of a particular subject; easy to fit half hour CPD slots into a busy schedule and no travel involved.'
    Elizabeth E, Surrey
  • 'Can do a whole year's CPD online for the same price as 1-2 days attendance CPD.'
    Caroline W, Muirhead
  • 'Cuts out the costs of travel, time to travel, accommodation etc while still giving excellent quality CPD.'
    Steve P, County Durham
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